Video EasyLoad loading system hoist

EasyLoad in the picture

Watch the videos of the EasyLoad. A compact loading crane for vans, trailers and truck semi-trailers.

MAD EasyLoad for vans maintains the maximum loading space

Watch the video of the EasyLoad. The innovative design ensures maximum retention of the loading space. EasyLoad is ideal for combining with commercial vehicle equipment. You can push the EasyLoad easily sideways or in the middle.

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MAD EasyLoad - maximum loading space, hoist, loading crane, loading and unloading goods, vans

MAD EasyLoad: loading crane for truck trailers and semi-trailers

Onboard loading systems are effective tools that allow heavy machinery and materials to be loaded and unloaded into truck trailers and semi-trailers. The EasyLoad can be operated with one hand and can lift weights up to 500 kg. In principle, this means that no co-driver is needed for loading and unloading.

Loading and unloading sideways

The loading system can be mounted single or double in the trailer of a truck for side loading and unloading. The loading crane has a capacity of up to 500 kg and takes up minimal space. Watch the video for an impression.

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