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Frequently asked questions

Partner Portal (extranet)

For whom is MAD's Partner Portal available?

Are you a registered partner of MAD? Then you have access to our Partner Portal (extranet). Through this portal, you will have access to a wide range of valuable information, tools and sales and marketing materials.

Want to know more about the Partner Portal? Please contact us.

T +31 318 58 61 00

Can I get access to MAD's Partner Portal?

The Partner Portal (extranet) is available to our customers. Do you not have access yet? Then please contact us.
T +31 318 58 61 00

Where can I log in to the Partner Portal?

Go straight to the Extranet login page.

Can my colleague also apply for an account?

It is possible to request multiple accounts per organisation. Do you want to request a new account? Then send a mail to with:

  • name
  • last name
  • function
  • e-mail address

Once we have received and approved the data, an email with instructions on how to log in will be sent.

How can I report a change of e-mail address (username)?

To change your e-mail address (user name for the Partner Portal), please contact our Sales Support department. We will then ensure that you can log in with your new e-mail address.

T +31 318 58 61 00

I forgot my password for the Partner Portal, what can I do?

Please enter your e-mail address on this page, and we will automatically send you an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password.

Having problems logging in or setting your password? Please contact Sales Support:

T +31 318 58 61 00

I do not have access to everything within the Partner Portal, what should I do?

JYou get access within the Partner Portal for the product groups that are relevant to you. The product groups can be:

  • Suspension Systems
  • Loading Systems
  • Workshop Equipment

Is your access set up incorrectly? Please contact Sales Support to change the access:
T +31 318 58 61 00

I am missing important information on the Partner Portal, how can I report this?

We do our best to provide you with relevant information. Are you missing information? Then please let us know.
T +31 318 58 61 00

How do I delete my MAD Partner Portal account?

It is possible to have your Partner Portal account deleted. Please send an e-mail to

MAD general

Where is MAD located?

We are located in the Netherlands.

Wiltonstraat 53
3905 KW Veenendaal

What are MAD's opening hours?

We are open on working days. It is possible that we have different opening hours on public holidays.

Check our current opening hours here >

Can I park (for free) at MAD Veenendaal?

You can park for free. We have our own parking lot with sufficient parking space.