Our story


We provide solutions for cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles, where the standard is not adequate:

In Veenendaal we see to it each day that our promise is fulfilled throughout the world. There we work closely with our partners on developing and manufacturing solutions that meet international automotive standards.

What’s more, our business processes are certified according to the ISO 9001 and COP standard. Thus ensuring that we provide the highest quality. International customers and end users have been choosing MAD for 45 years now, and that’s something we’re proud of.

Our identity can be outlined as following::


We approach the challenges faced by customers and users with a curious mindset. We examine what will be beneficial for them and take this as a starting point for our products and services.


We’re sincere and genuine in everything we do. We know what we can achieve and what we can’t.
That’s something we’ll be honest about.


We keep our promises, both made to customers and to colleagues. We also realize what the consequences will be if we don’t keep them. Meaning we take timely measures.
You can count on us.


We’re always working on our profession, looking for improvement and innovation. In that regard, innovation isn’t a goal itself, but an approach to contribute to customers and users in a unique way.


We want to exceed customers’ and users’ expectations. We do so with our products, our services and the way in which we think along and communicate.