Our story


And we are there for you,
who can't settle for the standard.
Who wants to go that step further.
Don't let anything stand in your way
to do what you want to do!


What we do

MAD does what it does best: developing distinctive, high-quality solutions. With these, we enable motorists and drivers to do what they want.

We offer solutions for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and special vehicles. We do this from three divisions: MAD Suspension Systems, MAD Loading Systems and MAD Workshop Equipment. Thus, we offer the most extensive range of coil and air suspension systems. With our EasyLoad, we make loading and unloading of heavy goods in vans easy. And our brake disc aligners provide maximum precision.

Comfortable drive MAD

Worldwide network

From the Netherlands, we supply a worldwide network of customers with our products and we are a development partner for manufacturers and conversion companies. MAD provides clear information and good after-sales service to all market parties. For more than 45 years, international customers and end-users have chosen MAD and we are proud of that.


Made in the Netherlands

Our mission

Vehicle manufacturers provide an excellent basis, but sometimes that is not enough. Then we offer the solution for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and special vehicles. Our aim is to add what is missing as standard but is essential for the specific use of a vehicle. In doing so, we deliver more than the original product. Developing high-quality solutions that make the difference. By which we enable motorists and drivers to do what they want to do.

Our mission statement "MAD to the max" reflects this. It summarizes our five core values.

1 Solution-oriented
We approach the challenges faced by customers and users with a curious mindset. We examine what will be beneficial for them and take this as a starting point for our products and services.

2 Principled
We’re sincere and genuine in everything we do. We know what we can achieve and what we can’t. That’s something we’ll be honest about.

3 Reliable
We keep our promises, both made to customers and to colleagues. We also realize what the consequences will be if we don’t keep them. Meaning we take timely measures. You can count on us.

4 Innovative
We’re always working on our profession, looking for improvement and innovation. In that regard, innovation isn’t a goal itself, but an approach to contribute to customers and users in a unique way.

5 High-profile
We want to exceed customers’ and users’ expectations. We do so with our products, our services and the way in which we think along and communicate.

MAD in
the picture 〉

Our automotive solutions from three divisions

Know-how and expertise

In close cooperation with our partners, our experienced product-engineers develop solutions that meet international automotive standards. Moreover, our business processes are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and TÜV- and EU 2018/858 regulations. This ensures the highest quality.