Research & development

Going beyond the standard and staying within the boundaries of laws and regulations, how do you do that? Continuous research followed by well-considered development lead to innovative solutions.

Doing what we do best

We are always busy with our profession. We closely follow developments in the market, in technology and in our field of expertise. We continue to sharpen our insights, know-how and solutions and are happy to share them. Our goal is to add that what is missing as standard, but essential for the specific use of a vehicle. In doing so, we deliver more than just products. By doing so, we enable drivers to do what they want.

research & development MAD

The best solution
for every situation

MAD is an expert in the development of suspension systems, loading systems and brake disc aligners. We offer a wide and high-quality range of standard solutions. All our products are designed in-house.

Customization: innovating
with our customers

It is possible that our extensive program does not offer a solution in some situations. Our experienced R&D team is then ready to develop a suitable solution. Naturally, we respect the guidelines of vehicle manufacturers and the applicable laws and regulations.

research & development MAD

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