Where there's a will,
there's a way

The birth of Meindertsma Automaterialen De Klomp (MAD) begins with the recognition of a problem. The solution-oriented approach from the very beginning is the common thread in our history of more than 45 years.

Crisis leads tot creativity

At the beginning of the 1970s the oil crisis caused a deep economic recession. A time in which the world came to face new challenges. Which was noticeable. Even in the village of De Klomp in the middle of the Netherlands, where Egbert and Emmy Meindertsma had a small car parts business. Which is how Meindertsma Automaterialen De Klomp (MAD) came into being.


Auxiliary suspension the solution for heavy LPG tank

There Egbert saw that the popular cars of that period, such as the Opel Rekord and the Ford Granada, were equipped with LPG tanks to keep driving affordable to a certain extent. Which is logical as there was enough space in their large boots.

But although the manufacturers of these cars were building a good basis, the cars weren't up to the job of coping with the additional 70 litres of fuel, the 40 kg fuel tank and luggage. The cars sagged, giving rise to discomfort and dangerous situations. The solution was found in the auxiliary suspension system, a product that MAD has achieved great success with in over 80 countries to date. This original inventiveness and solution-oriented thought and action are still the core values of MAD.