Loading Systems

EasyLoad: the optimal tool for loading and unloading heavy cargo by one person

Finish any job with one person on board! With EasyLoad on board, you avoid having to send two employees on the road with heavy loads. That's very efficient. And extremely safe!

  • Just hook up the heavy load and EasyLoad does the rest.
  • Ensures safe working conditions and and good employership
  • Prevents back problems, unplanned downtime and consequential costs
  • Saving 1 person leads to more efficient operations
  • Low investment in comparison to the effects
  • The loading space remains almost completely available
  • Fits in every van and is easy to transfer

Why is EasyLoad the solution?

EasyLoad is a smart loading and unloading system, which is delivered with a mounting frame and fits in almost any commercial vehicle. Heavy loads can be transported easily and safely by one person, instead of two, as you are used to. EasyLoad is also extremely compact, leaving the loading space of your van almost completely available.


Prevent downtime and consequential costs

Moving heavy objects in and out of a van is often a difficult job and impossible to do by one person. EasyLoad is the solution to this problem. With the compact loading crane, you easily manoeuvre the load in and out of the van. This also prevents back problems, unplanned downtime and consequential costs.

Optimal efficient with an Easyload system

Heavy lifting is no longer necessary, and with one person on the van it is also very efficient. With a relatively low investment, as an entrepreneur, you will contribute to good employership, prevent unforeseen situations/costs and realise a more efficient operations.

The different Models of EasyLoad

There are two basic versions available: for loads up to 250 kg or with a maximum of 500 kg. Furthermore, there is an EasyLoad available with a longer cable, for working below ground level. There is also a version with a certified anchor point for a fall arrest device which allows persons to descend safely from the EasyLoad via the lifting beam, useful for e.g. sewer inspection or renovation.

Plug-and-play system

EasyLoad is delivered including mounting frame and can be installed by a bodybuilder or vehicle convertor in about four hours. Ready for use!

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